Finding Your Bliss

Let me give you an example of how this works.  I spent four years at Rutgers · The State University getting a degree in Electrical Engineering.   Mostly what I learned in my four years was how to play bridge and that I didn’t want to be an engineer.
So when companies sent representatives to conduct interviews to hire people so they could actually go from being poverty-stricken students to being well-respected, tax-paying employees, I didn’t go to any of them.  My mind knew that I was not meant to be an engineer, but it had no clue as to what I WAS meant to be.  Somehow I knew that I needed to release the mental approach and follow Spirit………which led me to a telephone pole.

On this particular pole was a notice that two men from the General Electric Co. were giving a talk that night on “Sales Engineering.”  Turns out that a “sales engineer” is simply a salesman with an engineering degree.

“Blindly” following that subconscious intuition to skip the interviews and take a walk that went past that telephone pole led me into a very rewarding 34-year sales career.  Most important, I was simply doing what I was meant to do.  I never “worked” a day in my life.  Never had a “Blue Monday.”  Never said “Thank God It’s Friday.”  My point here is not to try and sell you on Sales as a career path.  Most people would prefer chewing tin foil. 

The point is that there is something that is right for every person.  Whatever that something is for you will be something that doesn’t feel like work - like when you are in that art class, working on your car, spending hours with a soccer ball, cooking, volunteering at a retirement home, gardening, working with horses, or fixing the plumbing.  Your mind (wonderful as it is) simply cannot plan the route that will lead you to your telephone pole.  Face it – as much as you know, it can’t be even .01% of everything; but your intuition is connected to the other 99.99% so let it work for you.  Once you find your bliss, follow it.  You’ll never regret it.

Bliss also changes.  I am no longer in the sales field, nor in the training field, which is where I followed my bliss after my sales career.  To the average observer, I am now doing nothing.  In fact, I am still following my bliss which has now led me to travel, finding where I am meant to be day to day and week to week.  Currently, that is in Australia, staying with friends at the RiverDell Spiritual Centre (that's how they spell it "down under").  Where will I be at the end of next month?  Well, I could tell you where I "plan" to be but I can't really tell you where I "will" be until I get there.  Let's see what bliss has in mind for me.