I’ve always wanted to have a burning bush, a bolt of lightning, or, at the very least, parting clouds and the unmistakable voice of God thundering down from Heaven telling me clearly what to do. So far, no luck.

But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t experienced clear guidance in my life. In fact, I’ve dedicated a good portion of my life to following Spirit. Not just any spirit, mind you. I mean, it’s pretty easy to follow the spirit of lust, the spirit of greed, the spirit of selfishness, the spirit of ……..well, you get the idea. I’m talking about following the capital S spirit – the Spirit of God.

What that means to me is moving in the direction that allows my life to follow out the path that brings the greatest creative outcome and increase of life essence to my entire world. What I have discovered is that there is NO CHANCE – nil, zilch, nada, zero – for my human mind, all on its own, to figure out what that path is. The fact is that I don’t have all of the information related to how anything I do is going to affect those around me, much less the people in Brazil, butterflies in Guatemala, or polar bears in Greenland. That information ONLY resides in the universal consciousness that I call God (it’s OK with me if you have another name for it!).

Which brings me back to: How do I access that without a burning bush? My experience is that the voice of God actually DOES bring me the message but it doesn’t resemble what I picture when I read those bible passages about God talking to Abraham, Moses or any of the other blessed individuals so mentioned. For me, it started out as a still, small voice that was often lost in the cacophony of the voices in my head belonging to my emotions, parents, friends, teachers, newscasters, cultural morays, etc.

Yet, over time, I learned to hear that voice and trust it. Actually, for me, it’s not even a voice. It’s simply a sort of knowing. When I hear it, it’s not necessarily what I want to hear. Like the time it told me to quit my job when I had nothing else lined up, or the time it told me to join the Peace Corps and go to Africa, or like now.

I’m living in a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in an intentional community full of loving, caring, supportive people. I mean, I Iive at Sunrise Ranch in Eden Valley in Loveland, Colorado. Sounds like a Disney setting and it pretty much is. So when that internal knowing came last week letting me know that it’s time to leave here AND didn’t give me clear direction as to what lies ahead on my path, it might not have been the easiest message to accept.
I have, however, learned over the years to accept these knowings without questioning them. Well…..OK – so I did do a bit of questioning. But I let go of that pretty quickly and accepted the fact that I’ll know what I need to know when I need to know it as long as I keep my mind and my heart open to Spirit so it has an easy channel through which to communicate.

So, I’ve got enough information to plan out my next two months: leave Sunrise on 2/20, drive to Florida to spend a bit of time with my siblings and spend the month of March in Costa Rica. Feels like Johannesburg is in my near future. That’s about all I know now but I’m confident that by the end of March, there will be further clarity.

And THAT is what following Spirit can look like. Know what – it’s really very peaceful when I release fully into it. Try it. I welcome comments related to your experience.